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UPDATE: Art In The Time of Coronavirus

As all of you know, in the last year (2020) the world has come screeching to a halt in a variety of ways both large and small.

Since my last solo show in April of 2017, my wife and I have welcomed a second child while purchasing and renovating a brownstone in Brooklyn, NY. It was a lot... easily more than I expected, and it consumed all of the time I had to offer, which once the second child arrived, was not a lot. Around the time that things began to wind down with the new home and my thoughts turned back to creating work, the world was forever changed by the emergence of COVID-19.

Like everyone else we have been struggling to find a balance of safety, security, normalcy, health and happiness. It hasn't been easy and there are good and bad days, but so far there has always been a tomorrow, and that provides hope for us.

A few years ago, I asked a fellow artist friend who had two children (and what I considered a strong career) how he managed to work through having two children. His response shocked me then, "I didn't. I stopped working for 4-5 years, and started back up when I could." Now, being in the same spot, I look back on his candor with respect and admiration, as I too embrace the experience of being both a parent and a citizen of the world during these unprecedented times.

This brief note is to let the world know that while I am actively on hiatus from creating new work, I have not abandoned my position as an artist. Like New York City itself, I will be back. I just need a little time to rest, heal and grow strong once more.

September, 29, 2020

GROUP SHOW: The Oasis at Gitler & _____ Gallery opened Saturday, Nov 12th, 2016

The Oasis, opened Saturday, Nov 12th, and ran through December 18th at the Gitler & _____ Gallery.

The Oasis was a group exhibition that paid homage to the Hamilton Heights neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. This show comprised over two dozen invited artists who created one portrait apiece of a different renowned jazz musician, each of whom helped - in ways both direct and peripheral - shape the culture and history of this storied pocket of New York City. In the days following the exhibition's opening the gallery featured performances of live music. You can read more about the show by following this link (click here for press release).

The exhibit featured work by David Allen (Jelly Roll Morton), Jonathan Allen (Duke Ellington), Michael Anderson (John Coltrane), Carl E. Karni-Bain (Ornette Coleman), Noah Becker (Thelonious Monk), Maria Calandra (Bessie Smith), Jason Covert (Miles Davis), Peter Daverington (Sun Ra), Erik den Breejen (Nina Simone), Chambliss Giobbi (Eric Dolphy), Esteban Ocampo Giraldo (Willie "The Lion" Smith), Eric Hoffman (Fats Navarro), Kristian Glynn (Billie Holiday), Iliyan Ivanov (Freddie Hubbard), Manfred St Julien (Adelaide Hall), Boy Kong (Billy Strayhorn), Summer McClinton (Fats Waller), Jason McLean (Sonny Rollins), Nat Murray (Charles Mingus), N. Soala (Dizzy Gillespie), One-Sun (Count Basie), owvBICS (Cassandra Wilson), Guno Park (Wayne Shorter), Stefen Reed (Louis Armstrong), Tom Sanford (Charlie Parker), Aaron Skolnick (Sarah Vaughan), Erin Smith (Ella Jane Fitzgerald), Andre Trenier (Lena Horne), Eric White (Booker Little, Jr.), Aaron Zimmerman (Cab Calloway)

The gallery is located at 3629 Broadway (b/w 149th and 150th) New York, NY 10031.

For more info about the gallery please visit: Gitler & _____ Gallery

AWARD & PAST GROUP SHOW: Williams Prize in Drawing at the Hartford Art School's Silpe Gallery this past July

I am proud to announce that a piece from body of work, The Forest Through The Trees, was selected as one of the winners of the 2016 Williams Prize in Drawing. The work, Limb, was shown alongside the other winners at the Hartford Art School's Silpe Gallery from 6/28-7/24 this summer.

Several works from the show were selected by poets to be used as inspiration for a poem written with the subject in mind. My work was selected by Patricia Hale - you can read her work, as inspired by my own, here. It's both haunting and lovely.

To learn more about the competition click here, and to read more about this year's winners, click here.

AWARD: Covert an Official Selection of Dave Bown Projects

In June of this summer (2016) I was selected as 1 of 25 artists for the 12th annual Dave Bown Projects competition, thanks to images from my body of work, EXCAVATION. Submissions were collected from over 40 different countries.

UPCOMING SOLO SHOW: Opening April 2017 at Gitler & _____ Gallery

photo credit: Richard Lurie

While I am not at liberty to share specifics, I am pleased to announce that my next solo show will take place in April of 2017 and is set to open at Gitler & _____ Gallery.

I can say, it will be tremendous, and 'uge, and the best. Absolutely the best. Stay tuned.

PROJECTS IN PROGRESS: A Labor of Love Continues

Progress on my next major body of work entitled Elevation continues, and while I would love it to be done and ready to show the world, there are simply too many details to rush.

Shoots for the video component of the project have continued and I was proud to include my daughter in the process (she performed like a champ). Work on the sculptural and photographic elements have continued as well, and have seen me learn to sew (poorly), work with a metalsmith (excellently), and source bizarre elements from around the world (you can get ANYTHING on the internet!)

Elevation is meant to be a bookend to my previous body of work, Excavation. While it's partner project dealt with the death of my father, this new work will explore my journey to becoming a father. Please stay tuned as this labor of love comes together. Elevation is set to include objects, photographs and a short film.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Prom Queen and Ice Blue

As an artist we are often told to focus our vision so that the message we convey to the world is a cohesive and more easily digested bit of bread. In reality, the interests of many artists range across the spectrum of medium and subject matter.

With that in mind I thought it would be an enjoyable experiment to share some of the lesser seen works from the archives I meticulously keep.

These mixed media works on paper: Prom Queen (on the left), and Ice Blue on the right, were created in 2002. They are part of a larger ongoing body of work I call Faces. Both pieces are approximately 18"x24" and are available framed or unframed. If interested, please inquire for pricing.

GROUP SHOW: The 4 SONS at Gitler & _____ Gallery ran through Friday, May 13th, 2016

The 4 Sons, ran through Friday, May 13th at the Gitler & _____ Gallery.

The show was comprised of eleven works by eleven artists, each a visual interpretation of a vague part of the Passover Seder liturgy which describes four sons: wise, wicked, simple, and he who does not know to ask. The four sons embody the four passages in the Torah that instruct us to retell the Exodus, and inherent to these four messages is the knowledge that all four sons are within ourselves. The show featured the work of Angelica Munoz Castano, Archie Rand, Boy Kong, Dennis Kardon, Erik Olson, Graham Preston, Kristian Glynn, Lori Field, Team Macho, and Tom Sanford. You can read more about the show by following this link (click here for press release).

The gallery is located at 3629 Broadway (b/w 149th and 150th) New York, NY 10031.

For more info please visit: Gitler & _____ Gallery

GROUP SHOW: BWAC Wide Open 7 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Gallery opened Saturday, May 7th, 2016 from 1-6pm

I am pleased as punch to announce the opening date of an upcoming nationally juried group show, BWAC's Wide Open 7, set to open on Saturday, May 7th, at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition Gallery.

This show, curated by The Metropolitan Museum of Art's, Beth Saunders, will feature up to 120 works from artists throughout the United States. The 8,000 sq ft gallery space should afford attendees a museum-like experience and a great way to spend an afternoon as their exhibition space is located on the water’s edge in Red Hook, Brooklyn. You can read more about the show by following this link (click here for the original call’s Prospectus).

The reception will occur this Saturday, May 7th from 1-6pm.

The gallery is located at 481 Van Brunt Street (Door 7), Brooklyn, NY 11231.

I hope to see you there.

PROJECTS IN PROGRESS: Covert's Next Major Project Ramps Up

As some of you who follow my work on social media may already know, I recently spent a week deep in the woods of upstate New York and rural Pennsylvania shooting footage for the video component of my next major body of work entitled Elevation. Elevation is meant to be a bookend to my previous body of work, Excavation. While it's partner project dealt with the death of my father, this new work will explore my journey to becoming a father. Please stay tuned as this labor of love comes together. Elevation is set to include objects, photographs and a short film.

PAST GROUP SHOW: The Hunt of the Unicorn - Work Revealed

I was pleased to be included in a small group show, The Hunt of the Unicorn, which ran at the Gitler & _____ Gallery. Above is the work included in that show, "By The Light of the Stars Does Innocence Falter". It was constructed from a variety of found and sourced materials including a full sized horse pelt, handmade bamboo long arrows and embedded LEDs arranged in the pattern of the constellation, Monoceros, which cycle on and off over the course of every hour.

The show comprised seven new works by seven artists, each a reimagining of one of the famed Medieval-era Unicorn Tapestries that adorn the walls of The Cloisters in Upper Manhattan. Exhibiting artists included Peter Daverington, Gabriel Giucci, Boy Kong, Liz Adams-Jones, Graham Preston, and Tom Sanford. A printed catalogue accompanied the show and include an essay by Jennifer Ball, Associate Professor of Art History, Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, and Guest Lecturer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can peruse the show catalog by following this link: (click here for catalog).

For more info about the show please visit: The Hunt Of The Unicorn


In an ideal world all work created would have its moment in the public eye, but sometimes work is snapped up by interested parties before that can happen, and an intimate bond forms between a private collector and a special piece of art. There is a poetry in that, but it is also rewarding to share the image after the fact.

This photograph, Pumpkin Head, was recently acquired by just such a collector, having been created in tandem with another Halloween themed work that did show in a group show. I am pleased to share this image with you now.

WEBSITE UPDATES: Standalone Works

Finally, I am happy to direct you to a new, small section of works shown on my website. It is a section that deals in standalone works: a collection of pieces that do not fit tidily into a single body of work. Some works appear in private collections having never been publicly shown, while others have appeared only in group shows.

You can click on each individual work to read more about its meaning and origins. If you have not been to the site in awhile, this is a good opportunity to head on over and bathe in all things Jason Covert. Click here to go there now.

CLOSING EVENT: The Forest Through The Trees at Gitler & _____ Gallery Sunday, June 14th, 2015

click to view larger version of above image

With the closing of every show comes some sadness, but the closing of The Forest Through The Trees was made that much kinder thanks to the haunting music of Martha Cargo (website) and Etienne Guerin (facebook).

Thank you to all who were able to make it out and enjoy the experience with me. It was truly an honor.

For more info about the gallery where this work was shown, please visit: Gitler & _____ Gallery

SOLO SHOW: The Forest Through The Trees at Gitler & _____ Gallery Saturday, May 16th, 2015

I am pleased to announce the opening date of my newest solo project, The Forest Through The Trees, set to open on Saturday, May 16th, at the Gitler & _____ Gallery.

Featured will be a body of work comprised of two-dimensional hyper-detailed graphite drawings on paper. For those familiar with my more recent work it may seem a departure, but drawing was my first love and recurring themes are present, so I encourage you to come and see something new.

The reception will occur on Saturday the 16th (my birthday, did I mention that?!?) from 6-9pm.

The gallery is located at 3629 Broadway (b/w 149th and 150th) New York, NY 10031.

I hope to see you there.

For more info please visit: Gitler & _____ Gallery

AWARD: Covert Selected as "An Artist To Watch" in the 2015 ART PRIZE

Based on the work developed for my project, EXCAVATION, I was selected from amongst 3,500 applicants to be included in Aesthetica Magazine's 2015 Art Prize Anthology, FUTURE NOW, as an artist to watch.

I could not be more proud.

Copies of this year's publication can be purchased here.

PROJECT: Covert's works featured in The Audubon Mural Project

I was honored to be asked to contribute wall art to the epic mural project taking flight in the Harlem, NY neighborhood of John James Audubon and his Audubon Society.

Please click through to see my "Brown Pelicans" and several other significant works created by an international retinue of talented artists...


INTERVIEW: Covert Interviewed by Aesthetica Arts

I was recently interviewed by Aesthetica Magazine with regard to my current and future projects. While brief, for those interested, it offers a somewhat deeper insight into what has driven me on my most recent work. Please click through to read on...


GROUP SHOW: The Halloween Show to open at the Gitler & _____ Gallery Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

"With pale, cold, mournful faces...", archival inkjet print, 20x20", limited edition

I am pleased to announce my participation in a Halloween themed show at Gitler & _____, now located in Harlem.

It's an honor to be showing alongside such talented artists as Kristian Glynn, Aaron Johnson, Boy Kong, Grace Lang, Morgan Lappin, Amanda Pulham, Tom Sanford, N. Soala, Richard Harenberg, Lauren YS, and Will Laren.

Opening Tuesday the 28th - come one, come all, and drink in the holiday fear... er, cheer.

Covert's work selected for the PCNW Photomural Project

Escalators, vinyl substrate, 8'x2', 2014

Recently, a never-before-shown series of Covert's photos was selected for the Pacific Northwest Photo Mural project set to go up throughout 2014 and early 2015 in the metropolitan area of Seattle.

Jason recently said, "in my opinion, as an artist, seeing your work spread far and wide is one of the very greatest honors."

This series was covertly (see what we did there?!?) shot over the course of several hours in a small Colorado airport back in 1996. We are so pleased to be able to dip into the archives and give these images the breathing room they deserve.

Covert's film EXCAVATION an Official Selection at ASFF in York, England

Covert's Excavation opened in May of this year to great critical praise, featuring still images, sculptures and a short film.

In September we received news that Excavation, the short film, had been chosen as an Official Selection in the Aesthetica Short Film Festival set to take place in York, England this coming November.

To say that we are pleased beyond words is not exactly true since... these are words, but we are ecstatic and as a freshman film maker, it is an amazing honor to have one's first project in a new medium lauded by others.

Should you find yourself in York, England from November 6-9th of this year, please drop by and check out all of the other amazing films that will be on display. Click here for more details about the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

SOLO SHOW: EXCAVATION to open at the Hionas Gallery LES May 16th, 2014

We are excited to announce Jason's next solo show, Excavation, set to open at the new location of the Hionas Gallery in New York's Lower East Side.

Excavation will feature new photographic work, sculptures and the world premiere of Covert's first short film.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, May 16th between 6:00 and 8:00pm. Save the date.

For more information and updates please follow this link.

On the set of Excavation

Covert's work to be showcased at the SCOPE NYC 2014 art fair this March

Conversational or 12x12x78, mixed media, 12"x12", 2014

A new piece is set to be featured in the chashama booth at New York's SCOPE Art Fair taking place this March.

Though technically a one-off, the piece fits neatly into the ongoing pseudo-series of works that focus on the biological detritus that humans leave behind, and how these cast offs are more of a signature than we might believe.

The SCOPE Art Fair will run from March 6-9th.

AUCTION: ArtBombNY to feature work from GLITCH SPACE

GLITCH SPACE 0.001.M1 & 0.007.E1, digital c-prints, limited editions, 20x30"

ARTBOMB NY (visit their site here), a newly launched daily online auction featuring curated artwork by New York artists recently reached out to us and asked to carry two of Jason's pieces. Images from Covert's series, GLITCH SPACE, were selected and will be going up on their site soon.

ARTBOMB is a project that started in Toronto. Its huge success has prompted an expansion across Canada with curators in Montreal, Vancouver and on the East Coast, recently launching in New York City.

ARTBOMB is a service that delivers one email featuring artwork into subscribersʼ inboxes every morning, seven days a week. There is a starting bid, and bidding is open from 6 am to 11 pm. At end of day, the highest bid wins the piece, which is delivered directly to the buyer.

EXHIBITION: Electron Salon, LACDA Gallery, Los Angeles, opening November 14, 2013

Humble, idle, futile peaks are we, digital c-print, limited edition, 24x30"

We are pleased to report that yet another image from the series, The Bridge, was selected for inclusion in the international group exhibition set to take place at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA). The exhibition will open November 14th and run into early December. It coincides with LA's Downtown Art Walk. Jason will be showing with Evan Trine, Hillary Charnas, Lisa Bayne, Kelly Castro, John Haubrich, Karen Clark, Deborah Griffin, Sally Pettibon, Daniel McCormack, Stephanie Sydney, Suzanne Garner, Douglas Brull, Gareth Abraham, Joseph Fleming, Dick Ott, Karen Divine, Michael Martin, Gerard Frances, Chrissy Lush, Delaney DelPonti, Olga Diasparro, Wade Harrell, Jason Bud, David Orr, Anne Spalter

EXHIBITION: A Show of Heads at The Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY, October, 2013

And so men compromise, digital c-print, limited edition, 24x30"

Work from Covert's series, The Bridge, was selected to be included in this show taking place in the picturesque art-destination of Hudson, NY. The show runs through the 24th of November. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by as the exhibition includes several excellent pieces.

EXHIBITION: Collorgy II at Bushwick Open Studios, May, 2013

GLITCH SPACE 0.0010.M3, digital collage

Curated by artist, Morgan Lappin, Collorgy II was a down and dirty group exhibition of up and coming artists working within the medium of collage and took place during the always exciting Bushwick Open Studios (a neighborhood-wide open-studio extravaganza). Other exhibiting artists included Zoo Lion, Amanda LaMarco, Dan Greer, Dessi Terzieva, Bryan Lee Madden, Joseph Karwacki, Joe Heaps, and Serkan Altinoz.

EXHIBITION: SCOPE Pavilion, March, 2013

Self Portrait 2013, mixed media, 12x12"

Covert's work was once again shown at SCOPE 2013 thanks to the support of chashama. Exhibited alongside works by other chashama studio artists, SCOPE 2013 welcomed a record number of visitors this year.

SOLO SHOW: The Bridge at Hionas Gallery, November 2012

Covert's most recent solo show in New York City, The Bridge, opened Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at TriBeCa's Hionas Gallery.

The exhibit met with universal praise and was treated to a wide breadth of press - much of which you can see by clicking here. To view a brief time-lapse video of the opening reception please follow this link.

"In less danger from the wiles of a stranger"

You can view more work from the show by following this link: The Bridge

For questions or to schedule a private viewing, please contact Peter Hionas at info@hionasgallery.com

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