Jason Covert
Laugh Track was initially conceived and offered as a tongue in cheek ode to the emotionally crippling times during which its contents were created. During the American political election of November 2016, and the subsequent election of Donald Trump, it often seemed as through laughter and levity were in short supply, nationally and globally. At the time, it seemed that not since the Cuban Missile Crisis had day-to-day tensions run so high.

Laugh Track was intended to allow the viewer to rediscover the idea that it is ok to laugh: from the absurdist press release to the theatrical performance of the artist at the opening, it was all designed to distract from and to counter the mostly unenjoyable news cycle of each day.

As with all work Covert produces, there were layers. One could dig deeper to find the “real meaning”, or one could simply enjoy the spectacle of it all. Either way: no one was wrong. As long as they smiled.

(view the press release)

Laugh Track was first exhibited at the Gitler & _____ Gallery, April 2017.

For pricing and inquiries, please contact Avi Gitler via email or phone at (201) 887-4764.

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