Jason Covert
Post-Modern Fairy Tale

In a world in which basic gender identity is usually formed by the age of three, one's private sense of being a man or a woman consists primarily of the acceptance of membership in a particular group of people: male or female.

The Post-Modern Fairy Tale asks us what it means to be a man in the context of the modern American male. Where once stood a social pariah, now stands a media supported chorus line of cross-dressing Mrs. Doubtfires and detergent spattered Mr. Moms.

Is it wrong to buy your son a Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven? Is our pressure misplaced in urging our daughters to find that fairy tale ending? Who mourns the incremental loss of our gender identities in this new age? If a sexual stereotype falls in the forest with no one around, does anyone care?

all images and texts • jason covert 2021 • all rights reserved
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