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On the surface, Excavation is an ultra-personal exploration of one man's fears and psychic wounds. It is, however, also a systemic consideration of the archetypal struggles we might all face. It's a memoir of sorts, but a memoir that addresses universal issues in such a way that viewers may find themselves unexpectedly facing the reflection of their own struggles and pain.

By way of mythic conceits and symbolic imagery you're invited to peer into the mind of a man compelled to share his darkest depths, be that through the use of blood or the ashes of his father before him.

When glass is held to darkness it often reflects the view from the light side and thus becomes a mirror.

Excavation asks: what do you see?

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Excavation was first shown at the Hionas Gallery, May 2014.

For pricing and inquiries, please contact Peter Hionas via email or phone at (646) 559-5906.


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film still from the short film Excavation

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