Jason Covert

The title The Forest Through The Trees is an alternative form of the idiomatic expression "to see the forest for the trees". It implies that the viewer is overwhelmed by detail to the point where it obscures the overall situation.

On the one hand, The Forest Through The Trees is simply a collection of extremely detailed graphite drawings on paper; beautifully light and easy to digest.

On the other hand, it is a comment on the continuing destruction of the world's natural environment and humankind's oblivious response.

In order to view the true extent of the detail contained in the drawings, the viewer must stand within inches of the framed works. This encourages them to fall into the drawings and focus solely on the individual pencil marks. This stance necessarily limits the viewer's field of view and guides them into a relationship that mimics that shared by the human race and Earth's environment: distracted by what is immediately in front of them and unable to see the larger picture.

As a 2012 report from the World Wildlife Federation notes, "swelling population, mass migration to cities, increasing energy use and soaring carbon dioxide emissions" are the new reality, and yet, we continue to pretend as though the situation does not require a dire and immediate response. "Particularly hard hit is the diversity of animals and plants, upon which many natural resources such as clean water are based."

Faced with the very real loss of the environment that supports us, we continue to take no meaningful action as a species.

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The Forest Through The Trees was first shown at the Gitler & _____ Gallery, May 2015.

For pricing and inquiries, please contact Avi Gitler via email or phone at (201) 887-4764.

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