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This is a collection of pieces that do not fit tidily into a single body of work, however, some pieces are continuations on a singular theme.

Some works appear in private collections having never been publicly shown, while others have appeared only in group shows.

Click on each individual work to read more about its meaning and origins.

First shown at Gitler & _____ Gallery's "4 SONS" exhibit in April of 2016.

This piece is constructed from a small wooden altar that original held an aged print of a catholic saint. The case was restored and a new backing was shaped and attached with copper nails.

The image itself is a watercolor painting finished with colored pencils and india ink. Once completed, the painting was meticulously cut from the original 100lb sheet of paper and floated on the neutral grey background using archival foam core and glue.

Exhibiting artists included Angelica Munoz Castano, Archie Rand, Boy Kong, Dennis Kardon, Erik Olson, Graham Preston, Kristian Glynn, Lori Field, Team Macho, and Tom Sanford.

The catalog from this show can be viewed here.

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Within Us All (WiseWickedSimpleDoesNotKnow), mixed media, 27x23x7"
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