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This is a collection of pieces that do not fit tidily into a single body of work, however, some pieces are continuations on a singular theme.

Some works appear in private collections having never been publicly shown, while others have appeared only in group shows.

Click on each individual work to read more about its meaning and origins.

First shown at Gitler & _____ Gallery's "The Hunt of the Unicorn" exhibit in December of 2015.

This particular show featured all new works created by seven artists who selected one of the tapestries from the acclaimed Unicorn Tapestries located in New York City's Cloisters Museum (wikipedia info).

Covert's selected tapestry was "The Unicorn Is Attacked" and the inspired work that he created was composed of an enormous amount of materials collected from around the globe.

Materials included lumber harvested from New York Harbor, a horse hide from Niagara Falls, NY, bamboo long arrows from China, a cast Narwhal horn from a New Mexico collection, a reusable synthetic blood pool from Canada, antique kitchen knives from America's Heartland, iron nails from a Connecticut barn circa 1800, and various electrical components from the depths of the internet.

The white horse hide featured an array of LEDs arranged in the shape of the constellation known as Monoceros (Greek for unicorn). The lights cycle on and off gradually throughout the course of every hour in order to represent the rising and setting of the celestial bodies.

Exhibiting artists included Peter Daverington, Gabriel Giucci, Boy Kong, Liz Adams Jones, Graham Preston, and Tom Sanford.

The catalog from this show can be viewed here.

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By The Light of the Stars Does Innocence Falter, mixed media, 66.5x67x16"
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