Jason Covert


This is a collection of pieces that do not fit tidily into a single body of work, however, some pieces are continuations on a singular theme.

Some works appear in private collections having never been publicly shown, while others have appeared only in group shows.

Click on each individual work to read more about its meaning and origins.

First shown at the chashama booth at the SCOPE Art Fair in March of 2013.

This piece is constructed from the frame of a simple 12x12" craft canvas. A torn piece of heavy stock paper, featuring a pencil illustration of rushing water, covers the frame's bottom half. Above the drawing three small containers hang: they contain a cluster of hair, nail clippings and an actual wisdom tooth. These relics represent the artist's concept of a DNA signature for the work, and hence the title of the work: Self Portrait 2013.

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Self Portrait, 2013, mixed media, 12x12"
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