Jason Covert

Time of Men

Time of Men explores our lasting cultural fascination with the idea of the Noble Savage and the escalating loss of our cultural identities.

According to Wikipedia, the term Noble Savage, harkening back to 18th-century sentimentalism, expresses the concept of an idealized indigene, outsider ("other"), or "nature's gentleman."

It was the 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury who, in his Inquiry Concerning Virtue (1699), suggested that moral sense in humans is natural and innate and based on feelings rather than resulting from the indoctrination of a particular religion. Or more simply, in a state of nature humans are essentially good.

In Time of Men we are offered a glimpse into a journey experienced by two separate nameless characters (though surely traveling along a similar path), and though they are always alone in the frame, there exists a presence just outside of the viewer's sight. What is it? Are they drawn towards it? Or do they flee from it?

Four images from Time of Men were originally presented as a part of Carnivora, though in time the body of work has come to stand on its own, now featuring four additional images.
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Time of Men: Cliff Edge, pigment print, edition of 5, 47x60"
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